Hello World!

Hi! My name is Janette and I’m a software engineer. Welcome to my new blog! In my career, I’ve done a little bit of a lot of things, but I wanted to start doing deeper dives on some personal projects. You can find more about me and links to my other stuff on the About page.

This blog will mostly be about my personal development projects, with some other art and science stuff thrown in for spice.

Upcoming development projects

  • I built this site using https://tina.io/ and https://gohugo.io/, and it is hosted on https://www.namecheap.com/ . Some upcoming posts:
    • Deploying my sites to Namecheap Shared Hosting using Github Actions
    • How this site is made
  • I will have another site using React (among other things mostly TBD) at https://neatskulls.dev/ . I’ll write more about building it when it is closer to being completed, but it will be a catalog of animal skulls from my personal collection. Content warning: photos of animal skulls. For science!
  • More projects to follow!

Thank you for coming along on my development journey, see you soon!